A new facility has been created to provide standardised testing of robotics.

NBN Co and CSIRO have issued a report on Australia’s big ‘work-from-home’ experiment.

A deal to form one of the biggest energy companies in the world has been signed off.

Woodside says it is moving ahead with its $16.5 billion Scarborough project off Western Australia.

Authorities say household electricity bills are trending down.

Experts are working on better ways for countries to collaborate on carbon credits.

The Morrison Government has intervened to stop state and territory governments from cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

The Morrison Government says it will ‘unmask’ anonymous internet users.

APRA says company directors must to more to manage climate risks.

Leaked emails reveal aspects of Macquarie Bank’s involvement in a giant international money scandal.

The Federal Government has a new plan for universities to boost their bottom lines.

Regulators say they will not stop the merger of two major anti-plagiarism firms.

The next president of the Australian Academy of Science has been selected.

The Federal Government is introducing its new religious discrimination bill to parliament.

A new research centre in South Australia says it will use AI to improve a range of industries.

Politicians are calling for efforts to ensure Australia’s solar industry is not exposed to China's human rights violations.

The NT Government has proposed using the salaries of sacked workers as a ‘bonus’ for those that remain.

WA’s new efforts to protect sacred sites have been criticised.

Recordings from the recent Workplace Sexual Harassment National Forum are now available.

A $10 million national network has been set up to build resilience to the human health impacts of environmental change.

Woodside is soon expected to make a final investment decision on a major LNG project.

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