Mining magnate Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest has announced a $400 million philanthropic donation.

CSIRO has released a technology roadmap to guide Australia’s $90 billion mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector.

Adani has indefinitely delayed a meeting that was set to decide the future of the Carmichael coal mine.

The ACCC has approved plans for 27 South Australian businesses to bulk buy electricity.

The Queensland Government wants to sweeten its deal with Adani by offering a “royalties holiday” worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but not everyone is on board.

ATO deputy commissioner Michael Cranston has been accused of conspiring to “defraud the Commonwealth”.

The ATO is focusing on multinational companies it says are in the “red zone” for tax deductions and cross-border “related party loans”.

UBS analysis suggests mortgage brokers are a relic of a previous age.

Plans to expand the cashless welfare card scheme could struggle to pass Parliament.

The Federal Government has unveiled the largest ever shipbuilding ...

A key figure in Australia’s unions wants bosses who underpay workers jailed.

Australian banks are now calling for an inquiry, amid calls for an inquiry into the banks.

Real Energy has signed an MoU with Santos over the Windorah gas project.

Tesla is taking orders for its new solar roof.

Windows computers around the world have been hit by ransomware ...

The Federal Government has unveiled a range of moves to make the banking system more competitive.

The federal public sector can expect hundreds of job cuts ...

The FWC says Murdoch University was justified in dismissing an employee who sent vicious expletive-laden emails to the ABS.

A former South 32 worker who was sacked for working in his underwear has launched an unfair dismissal application.

The company behind a new multi-billion-dollar gas plant in Victoria says it will help re-enliven the domestic energy market.

Tens of thousands of Adelaide householders and businesses will miss out on compensation payments for last year’s blackouts.

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