An ASEAN education meeting has heard calls for Australian universities to stop relying so heavily on Chinese international students.

The new SA Premier has used his first press conference to sack four senior public servants.

The loss of Barnaby Joyce appears not to have affected the Federal Government’s decentralisation push.

Concern has been raised that Brisbane City Council's investment arm could put $270 million of ratepayer funds at risk.

Australia’s Privacy Commissioner is investigating whether any locals are caught up in an international scandal about the misuse of Facebook profiles.

Billionaire James Packer has resigned as a director of Crown Resorts.

Australia’s most powerful union group wants to guarantee conditions for casual workers.

Australian creative industries are a major economic force, but a new study to creatives to go digital or go bust.

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) has been criticised for opposing ...

One of the main people behind the Government's big business tax cuts wants profitable sectors to help fund the reforms.

The Victorian Liberal Party is taking court action over access to a multi-million-dollar fund.

Facebook has suspended Cambridge Analytica over improperly obtained user data.

The NSW Government has laid out the state's infrastructure strategy for the next 20 years.

Most Australians accept mining and have positive views of its economic role, but they hold low levels of trust in in the industry, according to a new survey.

US energy giant Exxon is part way through an eight-year tax-free period.

The ACCC is putting banks under pressure to improve their mortgage lending practices.

The banking royal commission has begun outlining the systemic drivers of misconduct.

Government businesses are taking the lead in promoting gender diversity, according to ...

An independent investigation has found former Melbourne city council lord mayor Robert Doyle sexually harassed two women.

A former Liberal Party director has been appointed to two part-time public sector roles.

The money spent hiring contractors has almost doubled in five years ...

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