ACTS has teamed up with representatives from Harvard University’s Center for Health and the Global Environment to invite you to the Leadership in Sustainability Summit: Positioning Sustainability as an Innovation Driver.

This one-day recurring summit, taking place in three major cities, will help refresh our individual and collective leadership vision, energy and impact in ways that are best attuned to the times.

The FMA Conference has been held annually for over 50 years and is the most respected flood risk management event held in Australia. The conference will mark the tenth anniversary of the "Pasha Bulker" storm, and extensive flooding which occurred in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. The conference will feature improvements to flood risk management since 2007, inspections of the Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation Scheme and the Newcastle Flash Flood Alert Service, which is the first of its kind in New South Wales.

After a successful launch in 2016, Research Innovation is now in its second year. The event has been developed as a meeting place to bring together Universities, Industry and Government stakeholders to discuss a game plan to build research commercialisation, collaboration and engagement, to grow productivity and unlock new opportunities in a changing economy.

By 2050, 9 billion people are expected to inhabit the planet. Water scarcity on the one hand, and flood-proof cites on the other will become our main challenges. Amsterdam International Water Week 2017 presents a new approach that tackles these challenges head on

The Annual Business Schools Forum 2017 brings together professionals and academics from the leading institutions across Australia and New Zealand, and serves as a platform to share the challenges, strategies and approaches associated with an internationally recognised business school. This Forum will provide participants with the opportunity to not only hear from, but network with, the leading individuals from some of the best business schools in the region

The 2nd Annual Women in Insurance Leadership Summit 2017 is the ultimate opportunity for aspiring, emerging and existing leaders in the insurance industry who are passionate about developing their leadership style in order to ensure that the most capable leaders are at the top of the organisation. With speakers sharing their experiences and experts providing take-away leadership strategies, this event will not only empower ambitious women to succeed in the competitive insurance industry, but give them the skills required to enhance an organisation’s productivity and evolution into 2020.

Liquid Learning is delighted to present the Public Sector Digital Transformation Officers’ Summit 2017, bringing together leading IT specialists, cyber security experts and digital transformation officers to discuss how they have integrated digital into their department, how interdepartmental collaboration can enhance the user experience and how to keep the customers information safe.

The Women in Rail, Roads and Transport Infrastructure Leadership Summit 2017 brings together a variety of senior leaders to share their inspirational leadership journeys, practical advice and insights. A variety of inspirational case studies, practical expert commentaries and two interactive panels will give attendees the confidence and skill set to advance their performance and career potential. There will be opportunities to network and learn from executives in an interactive forum that is designed to equip participants with strategies and inspiration to successfully blossom into the leader of tomorrow.

Due to popular demand, the 7th Public Sector Women in Leadership Victoria Summit 2017 brings together a variety of leaders in the Victorian Public Sector who will share their inspirational journeys, practical advice and insights. Aspiring female leaders will gain valuable insights and advice through interactive workshops, case studies, expert commentary sessions and an interactive panel discussion. Discover strategies and skill-sets to navigate complex challenges, drive successful change, and achieve career excellence in the Public Sector.

Liquid Learning is proud to welcome back the annual Women in Sales Leadership Summit for 2017. Our exceptional program of field-leading speakers will equip high-performing women in sales with an essential set of skills to step up into sales leadership. Attendees will hear uplifting and inspiring personal experiences from successful women leaders in this exciting and competitive space.

The 7th Public Sector Women in Leadership NSW Summit 2017 will provide attendees with the opportunity to develop their skill set and learn valuable strategies to stand strong in the face of some of work’s extraordinary challenges. Our inspirational speakers will discuss the pinnacle moments that have defined their leadership, and provide insight on a positive visions of success for the future. They will inspire you and provide sound advice on how to deal with the challenges, but also the fantastic opportunities that accompany Public Sector leadership

Despite initiatives implemented to drive increased representation at executive levels, women still only occupy 37% of these senior roles. This essential professional development event goes beyond the diversity statistics, and encourages leaders to take charge of their careers and sieze opportunities to grow, be inspired, and form potentially career-defining professional relationships.

Liquid Learning is proud to host The 3rd Annual SA & NT Public Sector Women in Leadership Summit 2017. This outstanding event will provide aspiring women leaders with the opportunity for personal and professional development, featuring valuable insights and advice from senior female leaders.

With technological developments becoming a societal norm, professionals in the communications space must prepare themselves with the necessary tools and skill sets to remain ahead of advancements and place an innovative foot forward. In order to navigate the complexities of such a changing environment while still managing to provide value to one’s organisation, it is essential to form a resilient communication strategy that will adhere to public sector requirements and regulations.

The role of governance, risk and compliance professionals is changing and evolving all the time. Sometimes, this key professional discipline can be misunderstood within an organisation, so it is essential that the GRC professional has a solid understanding of all the business operations in order to clearly articulate their value to stakeholders. Leaders in this context require a strategic mindset and well-balanced set of technical and people skills and knowledge. In order to take the next step in your career, it is vital to develop a robust leadership skill set in addition to a solid technical foundation in risk, governance and compliance.

The high-pressure and ever changing nature of work within the Emergency Services, Enforcement and Defence sectors require a unique blend of responsive and proactive leadership skills, coupled with an awareness of how to deal with challenging situations whilst ensuring the safety and well-being of your team. Across most organisations within this sector, women are still considerably underrepresented at senior levels of leadership. While there has been some progression in recent years, a diverse array of hurdles still exist and make it challenging for women to access and maintain senior level leadership positions.

The benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace are many. Organisations that have successfully accomplished this have seen an increased return on investment, productivity, employee engagement, broader talent pool, problem solving and greater business outcomes.

The World Congress on Public Health (WCPH) is held every 2-4 years by the World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA) and it attracts between 2,000-4,000 delegates.

The Congress serves as an international forum for the exchange of knowledge and experiences on key public health issues, contributing towards protecting and promoting public health at a national and global level.