Australian researchers say they have created the world’s first quantum integrated circuit manufactured at the atomic scale.

The Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) has announced 16 STEM champions to lead its ...

The federal government has selected a new secretary for public sector reform.

Questions are being asked about the appointment of former NSW deputy premier John Barilaro as ...

Stats show the largest marine oil spill in history did not harm BP’s stocks in the long term.

Experts say COVID-19 widened Australia’s ‘loneliness gap’.

Conservationists are seeking to halt the $16 billion Scarborough gas project due to its risk to the Great Barrier Reef.

Australians who were sold defective Toyota vehicles can apply for part of a potentially huge compensation package.

The United States Department of Defence is paying an Australian mining company to build a processing facility in the US.

Several big tech platforms have signed up to the EU’s new Code of Practice on Disinformation.

SpaceX has fired employees that criticised Elon Musk’s public behaviour.

TPG has launched a 10Gbps business broadband service.

Research backed by some of Australia's biggest players says the country can cut 88 per cent of heavy industry emissions.

The competition regulator has issued a report showing the scale of recent power price rises.

The Federal Government is working on a “capacity mechanism” to ensure stability in the national electricity grid, paying coal and gas generators for reliable supplies.

The Albanese government is being urged to drop prosecutions against whistleblowers ...

Elon Musk has held an hour-long question-and-answer session with Twitter’s 8,000 employees.

Australia’s richest man says there is “not a snowflake’s chance in hell” of a global recession this year.

A former Sydney councillor accepted bribes from a Chinese developer in exchange for supporting ...

The SA Government has denied allegations of pork-barrelling despite skipping a step in the provision of sports grants.

The former Coalition government has been accused of mismanaging the accuracy of welfare payments.

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XENOTRANSPLANTATION - sounds like something that would happen to an ill-fated crew member in Star Trek, but it is also a technical term for using non-human parts to treat or enhance our own bodies. 

Even though many of us have been forced indoors, the COVID-19 crisis is eroding our privacy.

I am Tim Hall; a red-blooded, beer-drinking, car-driving Australian male who has no interest in watching sports – at least, not the sports played by humans.

This week marked an astounding leap forward, scientifically speaking - taking a picture of something that cannot be seen.

Chiropractic is a surprisingly popular form of alternative medicine - so mainstream that it’s hardly ‘alternative’ and so non-scientific that it’s barely ‘medicine’.

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