New modelling shows Australia is on track to achieve 50 per cent renewable electricity by 2030 without government intervention.

Al Gore has visited Queensland to talk about climate change, but managed not to mention the Adani coal mine.

BHP is working on ways to drill deeper into the ocean floor in the search for oil.

Google is looking to buy analytics software firm Looker for US$2.6 billion.

Federal MPs have been granted a two per cent pay rise.

The Australian economy has slowed to the weakest level since the global financial crisis.

The ATO is involved in over 50 joint investigations into global tax crime alongside four of its international counterparts.

Human behaviour drives climate change, but researchers want to know the extent to which climate change can change behaviour.

Former Ipswich mayor Andrew Antoniolli has been found guilty of fraud.

Questions are being asked about the independence of the AFP after a series of raids targeting the media.

A Melbourne gardener has launched legal action against Monsanto in Australia’s first Roundup lawsuit.

The ACCC says high gas prices are harming productivity.

The AFP has raided the home of a journalist over a spying story from 2018.

Hackers have accessed almost 20 years’ worth of personal data on ANU staff, students and visitors.

Queensland’s Supreme Court has ruled new solar power laws are invalid.

Another provider has been charged as part of a giant international airline price-fixing cartel.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has pledged $250 million for infrastructure in the Solomon Islands.

Australia's productivity growth is slowing.

Queensland has approved Adani's endangered bird plan, leaving it just one step away from building its contentious coal mine.

ANZ has sold its Australian life insurance business for $2.85 billion.

Telstra is accelerating its efforts to cut nearly 10,000 jobs.

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