First listed on: 16 September 2021

 Assistant Commissioner

  • Multiple roles in multiple sites
  • Make a real difference to the lives of Australians
  • Do work that is meaningful, diverse and challenging
  • Test yourself against the best minds in the field

About the roles

We are recruiting senior executives to fill leadership roles across a broad range of areas including law, IT, finance, design and marketing and communications and areas that work with clients to support the integrity of the tax and superannuation systems.

As an Assistant Commissioner in the ATO you’ll lead a workforce to deliver exceptional service to the Australian community.

You’ll develop strategic responses within various disciplines to meet the needs of different client segments and contribute to the design and delivery of contemporary and innovative solutions.

Duties may include

  • identifying strategic solutions for issues within the law, its interpretation and application
  • championing and delivering fair, impartial and timely resolution of disputes
  • shaping and influencing the design of the tax and superannuation systems across the dimensions of policy, law and administration.
  • delivering a range of activities to help taxpayers and their advisors comply with their tax and superannuation obligations
  • delivering contemporary technology solutions in a large and complex environment
  • leading the development and implementation of high priority, high risk and complex marketing and communication strategies
  • positioning the ATO to deliver high quality user centred designs and solutions
  • delivering trusted services and expert advice in relation to a range of financial resource management activities in a public sector environment

Skills and experience

Our senior leaders are expected to:

  • develop a clear vision of the future that links with the big picture of the organisation
  • be accountable and deliver outcomes that align with the long-term perspective
  • find innovative and practical solutions, be open to ideas and engage with risk
  • have an outward focus and work collaboratively across boundaries to influence better outcomes for the system and the community, and make progress on issues that cut across sectors, communities and agencies
  • have the capacity to persuade others towards an outcome, winning and maintaining the confidence of government and key stakeholders
  • be self-aware and courageous, creating an environment that empowers and motivates individuals and teams to deliver their best
  • be passionate about building trust and confidence in the ATO and the tax and superannuation systems.

Additional experience and qualifications are required for specific opportunities. Details are available in the candidate information kit.

The total remuneration package (including allowances and superannuation) will be in the range of $234,160 to $270,902 per annum, depending on experience.


  • ability to do work that is meaningful, diverse and challenging
  • work with leaders in the field
  • flexibility to provide work/life balance
  • continuous investment in your professional development

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