Toro Energy has made a thinly-veiled swipe at the Queensland government’s decision to ban uranium mining.

Progress has been made on a deal for FedEx to buy-out TNT Express.

Apache Energy is being sold for around $US2.1 billion and will exit the Australian oil and gas market.

A new Chamber of Commerce has been set up to represent more than 2,000 Indigenous businesses and employers.

Industry experts have highlighted a few niche areas where Australian manufacturing could do well.

Home building appears to have boosted the construction sector, while engineering work dries up.

The federal government’s Energy White Paper has received support throughout the resources sector, which is pleased to hear of measures to boost LNG.

PayPal and eBay are working out the terms of their divorce, with the payment platform being freed-up to seek greener pastures.

Major tech firms have sent their people to appear before the Senate hearing on multinational tax rorts, but they did not reveal much.

The Victorian Government has undertaken large-scale sacking of executives on water and environment boards.

The head of the Federal Treasury wants a "fundamental rethink" of the links between superannuation, pensions, housing and the welfare system.

A Senate inquiry has picked apart moves by the Queensland Government under former premier Campbell Newman.

Marketing research shows the accent of a service employee can impact a customer’s experience.

Despite the charitable nature of volunteering, a new study has found one in three volunteers can experience workplace bullying.

BHP has been slammed for recommending the Fair Work Act be changed to limit the scope of strike action.

Major mining and technology companies will be called on to explain their tax arrangements, with the launch of a Senate inquiry into corporate tax avoidance this week.

Local experts say investing in solar energy can now bring solid returns while being friendly to the Earth.

AGL will pay back $785,000 to customers it misled, following a Federal Court ruling last week.

Australia's spies are “pleased” with the passing of “critical” data retention legislation.

The Federal Government is expected to announce the appointment of a top West Australian bureaucrat to a prime European posting.

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