A former senior executive with the Westpac Bank has been named the new CEO of the parent company to Red Rooster and Oporto.

A company which operates in the futuristic world of bio-technology and stem cell research has announced the appointment of its new EC, MD and CEO.

The company responsible for a uranium mine in the Northern Territory has announced it has lost both $54 million and its chief executive.

The CEO of Dell Computers has had his plan deflated, after he proposed changes to voting rules to allow his bid to buy the slumping personal computer maker.

The head-honcho of AACo, Australia's biggest beef cattle producer, has quit the company after reaching a ''mutual'' agreement with its board.

South Korea has introduced a tough anti-corruption bill for government officials after dozens of reports of illegal bribes and favours.

Analysis of 103 different government-sector wage deals has revealed the massive disparity in pay between employees in the same classification band but different departments.

The Macquarie Group says some keen business decisions and strategic acquisitions have stood them in good stead, financially speaking.

With recent reports of the rampant cheating to get ahead in the Chinese exam system, it is no surprise that the country’s rich elite are forking out for a school which deals in the finer things.

The median house price in Canberra remains about half a million dollars, currently at its highest point ever after positive moves in the local economy.

The trial is on for the former director of collapsed stockbroking firm Opes Prime, Julian Smith has pleaded not guilty to accusations of dishonest actions.

A new appointment has been made to the non-executive board of the boutique investment management firm Implemented Portfolios Pty Ltd; the group announced Greg Kirk.

Billionaire, mining magnate, politician and dinosaur herder; these may be the titles attributed to Clive Palmer, who has been given approval to build the world’s biggest dinosaur park at his resort on the Sunshine Coast.

There’s been a change-up in the executive teams of two Western Australian local governments.

A survey of council CEO salaries in South Australia has revealed they have increased at a slightly slower rate than CEOs' pay in the private or not-for-profit sector.

The American mansion of Italian designer Gianni Versace is going up for auction, and is expected to top $US125 million when it does.

New members have been added to Hewlett-Packard’s executive board after the company signed on big guns from Microsoft and McDonalds.

The chief executive of Australian rare earth mining company Arafura has resigned.

Research has shown CEO recruits who have had even one minor legal infraction, such as a speeding ticket, are seven times more likely to engineer an accounting fraud than those with completely clean records.

Federal Government savings of $248 million have been made at the cost of 800 jobs in the public sector.

One of the main groups representing Australia’s business community has called the Federal Government’s plan to bring forward an Emissions Trading Scheme “flawed”, “rushed” and called for the Productivity Commission to get involved.

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