Billionaire, mining magnate, politician and dinosaur herder; these may be the titles attributed to Clive Palmer, who has been given approval to build the world’s biggest dinosaur park at his resort on the Sunshine Coast.

The Sunshine Coast Council unanimously approved Mr Palmer’s plans overnight, but he will be subject to 30 conditions stipulated by the Council and based on submissions and objections during project planning.

Palmer already has two life-sized dinosaur models at the golf course at his Coolum resort, the recent approval means he will expand his collection to around 160 animatronic replicas.

Keeping with a theme known only to Mr Palmer, the project will also include a vintage car museum.

There was widespread dislike of the project when it was first proposed, the Sunshine Coast Council was bombarded with over 200 objections, many based on noise concerns from the roaring beasts’ sound effects. As a result the dinosaurs will restrain themselves to outbursts just 5 decibels higher than the resort’s background noise.

Councillor Jason O'Pray says he had some misgivings, but believes it will be a low-key affair: “There's no way this is going to have a massive impact on the community... it's classic, it's subtle, it's small, it's low-impact... this is not a theme park, this is not an attraction, this is a very small, 300-metre walk down a path.”

Many of 160 dinosaurs will be about the size of human and only visible to guests of the resort. Mr O'Pray said everyone should, “go out there and just see how subtle it is... it's something that mum and dad will take the kids for a walk down. It's a 300-metre bike track and it's very heavily vegetated... in fact, they want to make it more vegetated so it gives that Jurassic feel.