A company which operates in the futuristic world of bio-technology and stem cell research has announced the appointment of its new EC, MD and CEO.

The company Eco Quest seems to be on the up-and-up in its chosen field, recently announcing it will fully acquire the US stem cell company Cynata Inc to increases its repertoire. Eco Quest has previously cut its teeth in the biodegradable hygiene product arena.

In a statement today Eco Quest welcomed the appointment of Dr Stewart Washer as Executive Chairman and Dr Ross Macdonald as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.

The company says the strategic placement of the two doctors at the decision-making end of the business will help them capitalise on the previous research of stem cell group Cynata.

It could be an exciting time for scientists to push their research into a money-making product; Cynata has done most of its work so far on cells which are used to treat problems in smooth muscle, bones, cartilage, blood vessels and other tissues.