First listed on: 25 January 2023

Medical Officer Class 3 - Professional Review Section (Several Positions)


As a Medical Advisers, you will be key to administering the Department’s Practitioner Review Program (PRP), ensuring that health practitioners are provided the opportunity to be reviewed by medical professionals regarding their Medicare servicing and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) prescribing.  

Under the PRP, and drawing on your clinical knowledge, you will review and interact with practitioners where you have identified concerns with their Medicare servicing and PBS prescribing. The PRP is a successful program, with demonstrated results of increased awareness of and improved compliance with Medicare and PBS requirements, contributing to the integrity and sustainability of Medicare and the PBS.

You will work in a supportive and professional environment with a large team of Medical Advisers, with excellent conditions, remuneration and flexibility, including the option to continue with part-time clinical practice. Full and part time positions are available (minimum 3 days per week). For more information on the PRP, go to and search for Practitioner Review Program.

For further information and to submit an application please refer to Department of Health and Aged Care.

Applications close Wednesday, 15 February 2023 at 11:30pm AEDT.

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