First listed on: 15 August 2019
Group Leader, Decision Support Systems

EL2 (S&T Level 7)
$142,470 – $160,330 (plus super)
Edinburgh, SA 

Group Leader Decision Support Systems (GL DSS) will provide scientific leadership to the Decision Support Systems Science and Technology Capability (STC) and will report to the Research Leader Joint Warfare and Operations (JWO).

The STC provides decision tools that support the Joint Warfare and Operations Major Science and Technology Capability (MSTC) mitigate operational risk and create a warfighting edge through S&T enhanced Multi-Domain Operations and Command and Control. The Decision Support Systems  STC will conduct research and develop tools to support decision making across the spectrum of command activities including situational awareness, logistics/sustainment, planning and preparedness and will focus on, and draw upon, the disciplines of data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning etc.. This STC will provide studies and analysis to support command decision making on operations and in operational units within Australia. The Group Leader will be responsible for meeting client needs and building the STC capability to meet future requirements in these areas. The Group Leader will have a strong research background in one, or more, of the disciplines that underpin the group’s work program. 

These disciplines include (but not limited to) artificial intelligence and machine learning, operations research, systems engineering, mathematical modelling, computer simulation, and data science. The Group Leader will forecast future Defence problems, initiate research and generate new knowledge to produce enhanced Defence capability. They will be able to select the best scientific method to achieve Defence outcomes, and to review the S&T quality of reports and publications prepared by staff in the STC. In collaboration with other STC leaders in the JWO MSTC, the Group Leader will ensure the integrity of the analytical advice delivered through all JWO programs. The Group Leader will lead a complex area of S&T by providing the vision, guidance, direction and collaboration necessary to ensure that the group can be most effectively harnessed to deliver agreed outputs to Defence. They will use their understanding of the Defence context including knowledge across all the warfare domains to understand client priorities and associated requirements, and transpose these into a well-planned set of S&T activities.

In collaboration with other STC and MSTC leaders, they will ensure that the resources of the group are applied to agreed priority activities and will demonstrate flexibility to adjust the work plan as circumstances change. They will provide effective supervision of the senior staff in the STC and be responsible for workforce planning of the group within the broader context of the Joint Warfare and Operations MSTC. They will create a motivating and collaborative culture within the group to ensure that all the staff can make effective contributions to the output of the STC. Under broad guidelines from the Research Leader Joint Warfare and Operations, the Group Leader will facilitate the creation of cross-STC, cross-MSTC and cross-Divisional teams, and will develop and maintain appropriate external linkages to industry, universities and overseas organisations.

Application Closing Date: Thursday 29 August 2019

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