First listed on: 30 January 2023

SES Band 1 – Intelligence Production and Access roles

Signals Intelligence and Effects Group – Several
Senior Executive Service Band 1
Salary may be negotiated with the successful candidates
Canberra – ACT

We are seeking dynamic Senior Executives to drive the organisation forward and deliver against our three principal functions:

  • Collect foreign signals intelligence; 
  • Enhance Australia’s cyber resilience; and 
  • Conduct offensive cyber operations. 

In all cases, our primary mission is to advance Australia’s national interests and defend Australia from global threats. From the threat of terrorism through to protecting and supporting Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel when they are deployed overseas, ASD plays a key role in Australia’s national security. 

To achieve these objectives, ASD requires people with high levels of integrity and a mix of specialist skills, key among which are adaptability, imagination, and resilience. These are needed to out-think and out-imagine our adversaries and solve seemingly intractable technical and operational challenges. If you want to work with other smart, skilled, and highly motivated people, consider ASD. 

We are seeking to attract talented candidates for positions at the Senior Executive Service (SES) Band 1 level that will contribute to ASD’s mission and have relevant skills to work across and within one of our four groups.  

Signals Intelligence and Effects Group is responsible for delivering foreign signals intelligence and offensive cyber operations in support of Australian Government priorities. It also delivers a range of ASD domestic and international engagement activities that ensure the organisation maximises value from international partnerships and has impact across the Australian Government. 
o Senior roles are available, including responsibility leading ASD’s Access Operations and Intelligence Production. These roles oversee collection and access initiatives or intelligence production activities that deliver intelligence for the Australian Government. 

A merit list may be created from the list of suitable applicants which may be used to fill similar position/s in the event a position/s becomes vacant. 

In all positions, you will have responsibility for leading a Branch through a transformation program that recognises the rapid pace of development in technology and a fluid international security environment, while continuing to deliver on the operational requirements of the position. You will work closely with international partners, and will manage an Australia-wide workforce.

As part of the Senior Leadership Group, you will play a key role in promoting and influencing a shared commitment to the strategic direction of ASD as the Australian Government’s foreign signals intelligence, offensive cyber, and cyber security agency. You will influence the strategic direction of ASD and work with colleagues across the Defence portfolio and Government to achieve results.

In these roles you will:

  • Lead and manage a Branch using inclusive leadership, including leading change and transformation initiatives in support of ASD’s objectives;
  • Exercise high-level judgement, and capitalise on innovative alternatives to resolve complex problems;
  • Think laterally, effectively challenge the status quo and provide contestability in decision making; and
  • Demonstrate resilience and take personal accountability for achieving results.

Successful applicants will exemplify ASD’s values and engender a culture of achievement, collaboration and agility. You will be self-aware, and will encourage and respect the diversity of ideas and perspectives that defines ASD’s workforce.

Additional Information

Application Closing Date: Sunday 12 February 2023

For further information please review the job information pack, reference ASD/00753/23, on

If after reading the selection documentation you have any questions, please contact Jonathan Beaumont and Michelle Kelly at Beaumont&Beaumont on 02 6126 4500 or at quoting reference #5306.

For Senior Executive Service administrative recruitment enquiries please contact the Directorate of Senior Officer Management at

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