Mastering Difficult Conversations & Feedback Masterclass
for Public Sector Leaders

7-8 December  2023

It is essential for leaders to have the confidence to identify and manage problems at work early on, before they escalate. Without the confidence to navigate difficult conversations, leaders may find themselves avoiding or delaying and actually perpetuating the problem. Generally speaking, this leads to more frustration, internal confusion and resentment and despite all this avoidance and delay - you still have to have the (now more) difficult conversation.

The good news is that difficult conversations can be successfully managed and can achieve positive outcomes for all involved. Handled well they actually present an opportunity to:

  • Resolve workplace conflicts appropriately and efficiently
  • Refresh and sustain high performance and engagement
  • Improve relationships within your team and reaffirm respect for you as their leader

Attend this masterclass to transform your own performance regarding difficult conversations.

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Benefits of attending:

  • Understand your impact on difficult conversations
  • Recognise when to have the conversation
  • Explore the balance between caring for people and challenging them to help them grow
  • Discover a range of models to increase your confidence in delivering feedback
  • Understand why an ‘open door’ policy may be a barrier to conversations
  • Ensure convergent thinking doesn’t hijack your team meeting
  • Be clear on your communication approach with a range of stakeholders
  • Deal effectively with conflict between peers or team members
  • Takeaway linguistic and non-linguistic strategies for effective management of important conversations
  • Negotiate and position with challenging stakeholders

This Masterclass is facilitated by Eleanor Groat, Developer of Leaders & Teams, Your Best Asset. Eleanor is passionate about working with people to find their ‘fit’ and to create psychologically safe environments and cultures which enable individuals to flourish and the business to thrive.

Who should attend?

Leaders and Executives across the Australian Public Sector in roles such as the below will find the content of this course relevant:

  • Senior Executives
  • Directors
  • Assistant Directors
  • Senior Managers & Leaders
  • Regional & Department Heads
  • APS5 - SES Band 1
  • Managers
  • Advisors and Senior Advisors
  • Team Leads
  • General Managers
  • Those in policy, program, project, contract, procurement, finance, stakeholder and communications based roles

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