The reputation of international banking has taken another wallop, with fines imposed on major banks for rigging foreign exchange markets.

The Fair Work Commission will be forced to make a ruling on its own conduct, a new twist in the industrial action from the federal public service.

The Federal Government has been criticised and questioned after it paid for the same anti-ice advertisement to be made twice, 8 years apart.

Finance firms have dominated a new list of Australia’s top companies for supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people at work.

The world’s largest private coal company has been accused of promoting itself in Ebola-ravaged Africa, claiming that fossil fuel is a solution to global poverty.

A new, ecologically-minded trend is emerging on the internet, as activists use digital means to shame wealthy water-wasters.

The Federal Government has acknowledged that Co-operative Research Centres earn more than they cost, but will cut funding to them anyway.

The High Court has allowed mining giant Rio Tinto to challenge a compensation ruling over a former worker dying from asbestos-related disease.

A parliamentary inquiry is looking at claims that lives were put in danger at the Fiskville fire-fighters training centre in Victoria, after reports of a cancer cluster among former workers.

The Abbott government is still considering an inquiry into claims that iron industry giants are forcing down prices and driving out smaller rivals.

Oil giant Chevron has been accused of running an aggressive tax avoidance scheme, depriving local coffers of millions of dollars.

The Federal Government has quietly expanded the already significant amount of agencies that are allowed unwarranted access to the private data of all Australians.

A federal parliamentary committee says proposed legislation to force ISPs to block sites like The Pirate Bay could limit freedom of expression.

Australian ISPs could allocate more bandwidth to Netflix and other major customers, despite concerns about net neutrality.

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has backed Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s call to increase STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education by teaching kids to code.

This week’s budget announcement ignored a giant factor, one that will provide vast amounts of the revenue the Government needs to fulfil its optimistic growth figures.

Business groups have lashed out at West Australian Government's economic skills, following the revelation of ballooning debt and a major deficit.

Mining companies have avoided becoming targets of the Federal Government's efforts to reclaim lost tax.

Optus will invest more than $1.75 billion in mobile phone infrastructure to overcome stagnant profits from the past year.

Annual performance reviews are common across many industries, but new research suggests they may be missing the point.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten focused on science, technology and education in his budget reply speech overnight, vowing to push Australia to the cutting-edge.

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