Everyone needs sleep - without it we risk high cholesterol, obesity and depression - but new research shows missing sleep may do long-term damage to the brain as well.

The latest unemployment stats have already been used as evidence for a number of political stands, including calls for new budgetary considerations and industrial relations reform.

Some Queensland doctors may have to front the Crime and Misconduct Commission over allegations of fraud.

Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey has let a Wall Street Journal reporter in on the scale of cuts, sales and savings the Government intends to make, which may soon see the nation's power poles in foreign hands.

One local government watchdog has had its powers expanded to sink its teeth into bigger issues and dole out stronger penalties.

India has embarked on an ambitious plan to replace its 26 million groundwater irrigation pumps with solar-powered versions.

The Prime Minister has launched a Royal Commission into union governance and corruption across a range of industries, with terms of reference set to string up dodgy workplace practice nationwide.

A former senior member of the Treasury says Australia may miss the boat to the ‘Asian Century’ if it doesn’t start building on a big scale.

An NZ-based company is drumming up funds to make every ten-year-old’s dream come true; developing the world’s first practical, commercial jetpack.

New South Wales Roads Minister Duncan Gay has ordered the Cootes Transport fleet off the road for safety inspections again, showing a lack of faith in interstate inspection regimes.

The former chief executive of a major government-funded healthcare service has been found guilty of embezzling nearly a million dollars.

A slump in uranium prices is starting to hit producers, with one Paladin Energy mine closing and a major miner saying the outlook is not good.

A university project using advanced technologies to look for crude oil has sold for $76 million.

A chief health academic has resigned over perceived conflicts in a $15 million complementary health research deal.

Sony’s failure in the PC market has led to big losses for the electronics giant, which must now cut thousands of jobs to stay alive.

The entire $120 billion energy industry wants its own set of options in the government’s Direct Action policy, asking to be exempt from the bulk of new laws.

The heads of some union-backed superannuation funds have made a surprising announcement, saying they would like more independent outsiders on their executive teams.

Leaders of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission are feeling strapped for cash, admitting that ‘natural attrition’ has not thinned its numbers, and it needs more money for redundancies.

The Tax Institute of Australia says there are a range of benefits that would come from making child care tax deductible.

Regional Development Australia (RDA) says it will help break the ice between businesses, to build productivity through communication and collaboration.

The federal government is considering removing the requirement for larger companies to lodge an annual report with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency.

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