Internet Service Provider Internode’s founder Simon Hackett has announced he will step down from his executive duties to assume a seat the board of the company’s new owner, iiNet.


“The integration between Internode and iiNet technical systems has gone much faster than expected,” said Mr Hackett.


“While I will continue to represent Internode as I always have, I am keen to contribute at a group level, influencing the strategy of the entire iiNet group.”


Mr Hackett announced the selling of Internode to iiNet in December for $105 million in cash and iiNet shares.


“Simon Hackett has an enormous amount of experience and credibility in the industry. We are very pleased that he is willing to step up and join the board,” iiNet CEO Michael Malone said.



Other Internode staff are also stepping into key group roles within iiNet.


Internode’s Chief Technology Officer John Lindsay was recently appointed as iiNet Chief Technology Officer, now responsible for the network and operations for iiNet as well as Internode.  “Internode has had a reputation for running a first class national and international network,” said Mr Malone.  “It makes sense for the Internode and iiNet engineering teams to get together and for John to head it up.”