More than forty companies that support the building, mining and energy industries say Federal Government moves could put thousands of jobs at risk.

In an open letter to federal authorities, the businesses highlighted the importance of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) in generating jobs and investment.

They say the renewable energy industry employs tens of thousands of Australian workers, both directly and indirectly, but their jobs would be put at risk by a scrapping or severe winding-back of the RET.

“Our businesses build components for power stations in wind, solar, hydro and bioenergy, electrical infrastructure, roads, supply safety equipment, cranes, trucks, logistics services and cement, provide catering, cleaning services, security, logistics and accommodation to construction teams, manage environmental and cultural heritage plans, and supply many other essential inputs to the renewable energy industry,” the letter reads.

“Australia’s 68 wind farms, 49 large-scale solar projects, 139 bioenergy projects, 123 hydro projects and trial marine and geothermal projects around the country have provided the incentive for our companies to grow and employ an increasing number of workers. Many of these jobs are in rural and regional areas where other job opportunities are scarce.”

“We believe it is vital that we stay the course. Analysis from ROAM Consulting has shown that if the target is left to operate as legislated, we can expect another $14.5 billion to be invested in large-scale renewable energy projects in Australia by 2020.”

“The fact that the majority of Australians want more renewable energy gives us confidence about the appetite of the community for the construction of future renewable energy projects.

“Also, analysis undertaken by ACIL Allen for the federal government found that retail electricity prices will be lower over the long term if the RET is maintained, as it will help shield us from rising gas prices.

“This is beneficial to all Australians, consumers and businesses alike,” the statement claims.

The companies with their names on the letter are;