A Japanese trading company has been accused of triggering a baby boom among its workers.

The Australian construction industry has been hit again, as prominent Gold Coast builder GCB Constructions slides into administration.

A NSW Parliamentary inquiry will look at mining’s impact on health and the environment.

NSW’s Rail Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) has initiated legal action to terminate Qube's lockout of 200 workers.

The Australian Services Union has launched a campaign to secure a legislative "Right to Disconnect" ...

AEMO has unveiled some future energy planning scenarios.

The CPSU is continuing its push to revive the Commonwealth Employment Service (CES).

New laws could see the Federal Government forced to consider climate impacts on future generations when approving ...

Minister for women, Katy Gallagher, says the government faces challenges in implementing the Jenkins report.

The Productivity Commission has exposed the ongoing failure of state and territory governments to alleviate Indigenous disadvantage in Australia.

Wholesale power prices are down 59 per cent in the past year, yet retail bills remain stubbornly high.

Industrial action is planned at Services Australia this week.

Victoria is phasing out gas in new homes.

An employee review at EY has revealed claims of bullying, harassment and overwork.

Australians lodged an unprecedented 96,987 complaints against financial institutions last year, marking a 34 per cent surge.

Universities are changing their rules rather than attempting to ban AI.

The APSC says it will focus on the people behind robodebt violations.

Kathryn Campbell, a senior public servant embroiled in the robodebt scandal, has resigned from her job at the Department of Defence.

A whistleblower has told the US Congress that the government is hiding evidence of ‘non-human intelligence’.

A Home Affairs cyber survey has itself become a security risk.

The Treasurer has appointed an economist to revamp the Productivity Commission.

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