Traditional owners say they will use every legal option to argue that Adani’s Carmichael coal mine poses ‘alarming’ risk to sacred wetlands.

Questions have been asked about the Federal Government approval of the sale of 43 Australian hospitals.

The Coalition has scored 4/100 on the Australian Conservation Foundation’s climate change policy scorecard.

Alcohol advertising in sport can have long-term effects on drinking attitudes, according to a new study.

Labor has pledged $75 million to explore for next-generation materials.

Australia saw a 190 per cent increase in crypto-scams during 2018.

Unions, industry and defence analysts say they are concerned by Australia's shrinking merchant fleet.

An anti-coal convoy has been met with a frosty welcome in the tiny Queensland coal-mining town of Clermont.

The Greens want $1.59 billion worth of legal reforms, including a boost for legal aid and domestic violence prevention.

South Australian businesses say energy transmission lines are driving big, ‘unfair’ losses.

Solar companies are feeling the strain of the Victorian Government’s freeze on a solar panel rebate program.

Boeing expects at least a $US1 billion ($1.4 billion) increase in costs related to its troubled 737 Max.

Microsoft’s market value has briefly tipped over $US1,000,000,000,000.

About 36 per cent of Australian jobs are at risk of automation, the OECD says.

Queensland Education staff were embroiled in more than 100 cases of fraud last year, new documents show.

Home Affairs has paid an employee on the same day her underpayment case was lodged in the Federal Court.

Researchers have identified a feedback cycle that keeps us consuming concerning news.

The Australian Industry Group wants an industrial relations freeze until new senators take office.

A lengthy convoy is travelling up Australia’s east coast to protest Adani’s planned Carmichael mine.

Administrators have revealed the inner workings of a now-collapsed wave energy project.

The Greens want to set up a $2 billion nature fund paid for by polluters.

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