A new report card for global aid reveals Australians are an altruistic bunch, saving the lives of 230,000 children since the year 2000.

As more and more online lenders join the market, people are increasingly resorting to the mobile phone for a quick injection of cash, but research shows this will lead more Australians into a spiral of debt.

A new report shows Western Australia has the highest payroll tax costs in the country due to recent changes to the exemption threshold.

Despite Australia’s relatively high rate of cannabis use, new figures show most are strongly opposed to it.

A global survey has found that the world’s wealthiest people understand climate change, but only half see it as a threat.

The CFMEU has emerged as a surprise backer of the Labor Party’s 50 per cent renewable energy target, but their support is contingent on unprecedented assistance for workers.

Victoria’s Labor government is refusing to release the business case for a big new road project, prompting a revival of the type of criticism recently levelled at its LNP predecessor.

Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and about 1,000 robotics experts have signed a letter to ensure that in the future of warfare- human fingers are on the trigger.

Victoria’s Small Business Minister Adem Somyurek has been forced to resign from the ministry after bullying allegations made by his former chief of staff.

The World Bank has taken a grim view of the future for the global mining industry, predicting prices will decline across the board.

The Roy Hill project has been issued with a prohibition notice after its latest crane incident.

Academics have slammed pharmaceutical giants for squabbling over intellectual property for new life-saving medicines, while victims of disease are dying.

Industry superannuation funds are fighting against changes that threaten union control.

There is a lot of sensitivity around swearing and other language conventions in modern culture, but some academics wonder if it is really warranted.

An international team of astronomers have announced the discovery of a near-Earth-sized planet in the habitable zone of a Sun-like star – the most appropriate replacement for Earth ever spotted.

The Assistant Education Minister, Senator Simon Birmingham, has taken to the radiowaves to warn people not to pay attention to Australian union claims over the threat of new free-trade deals.

Self-managed super firm Omniwealth will pay a $10,200 penalty for including potentially misleading claims on its website.

A senior Airservices Australia manager has been charged for using fake aviation companies and false documents to defraud the tax office of over $320,000.

One expert says there is a goldmine of data at many major that could be used to enhance a range of outcomes.

The president and former president of tech firm Toshiba have resigned over a $US1.2 billion accounting scandal.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is pushing for half of Australia's large-scale energy production to come from renewable sources within 15 years.

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