An architecture and design firm has put out plans for massive development in Australia's north, in a town where crocodiles outnumber humans 1,000 to one.

YouTube can do many things, but a new study says saving lives is probably not one of them.

The independent review of the Renewable Energy Target has been released, proposing a number of suggestions to reduce the cost of the scheme and its impact on the energy market.

The Federal Government has threatened to withdraw Cadbury’s $16 million grant, after it was revealed that the company did not explain what it would do with the money.

The chief economist with the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) has been stood aside and been asked to explain himself over a series of social media comments.

The Federal Government is planning to let regional businesses pay foreign workers differently to locals.

Australian lenders are enthusiastically selling the same mortgage deals that drove the United States to economic ruin.

Two stories this week suggest federal public servants may want brush up on their tech skills.

A noxious club culture allowed a “toxic cell” of high-level staff at Public Transport Victoria (PTV) to thrive.

Tasmania's Auditor-General has poked some holes in rules around the hiring and firing of the state’s public servants.

A cost-benefit analysis of National Broadband Network (NBN) plans has shown the Coalition model could deliver nine times the benefits Labor’s would have.

The NSW Opposition says documents revealing harmful spills of pollutants should be publicly available.

An Australian university-run project has seen teams of young engineers design and build houses for rural Cambodian communities.

Australian students have made a technological breakthrough that may herald a new age of robotics and automation in our daily lives.

The former boss of Sydney Ferries has been jailed for using his work credit card to splurge on cars, holidays and renovations.

Federal industry minister Ian MacFarlane is working on a plan for a national gas network.

Concern is churning-up as a Canadian company prepares to launch a new mining project on the sea floor near Papua New Guinea.

The Australian Federal Government’s skittishness about renewable energy systems has forced one solar power giant to look elsewhere.

The shifting state of oil and gas is reflected on the bottom line of major producer Santos.

The WA Government has released details of some options to end its reign as the state with the most expensive electricity.

Regulators say they are cracking down on ‘phoenix’ activity and dodgy pay arrangements in the construction sector.

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