While many complain about the specifics of high school curricula and broad educational ideas, it is worth remembering that for a huge portion of the planet the most basic schooling is out of reach.

The industry body representing Australia’s vegetable growers has taken steps to protect its crop

Reports today suggest former treasurer Peter Costello is likely to take over as chair of the Future Fund, with insiders saying it has been at the request of the outgoing David Gonski.

A new technique is being developed that would allow human cells to be turned back into stem cells, and grown into virtually any body part.

Some astounding inventions have shown the high level of creativity in the minds of Australian high-schoolers.

The WA Local Government Association has moved into the “greenest of green” new place of business, saying it hopes to set the standard for others to follow.

The Federal Government is toying with the idea of removing regulation for charities and not-for-profits, hoping to hold them accountable through guilt instead of law.

The Australian Taxation Office will look to cherry-pick new executives from top companies, hoping to bring in the best of the best for handy tax advice.

The University of South Australia has decided to open the doors on a new research institute dedicated to the many choices we have to make.

A Federal Minister has warned bad things will happen if wage negotiations are not controlled, calling on unions and employers to take it easy.

One of the key figures behind implementation of water policy in the Murray-Darling Basin has been awarded for her efforts.

Every day tonnes of paper is printed on, handed to someone, virtually ignored and then thrown away, but a new development could see the end of single-use paper wastage.

A huge bounty has been offered for one of the most prominent hacks imaginable, with Google putting up a $US2.7 million prize for someone to break into its software.

Reports by multiple Australian media outlets have shown a high level of corruption in construction, with several unions accused of handing lucrative contracts to criminals.

Some of the smaller players in the ACT electricity market want prices adjusted to improve competition.

Two champions of a renewable energy future have been honoured this Australia Day.

The New South Wales State Government has lowered the bar for teachers, but a prominent figure in the academic community has asked how it will help improve quality.

To mining companies are looking for half a billion dollars in compensation, after the New South Wales government tore up their licences.

A botched raid based on a hunch has prompted the Australian Tax Office to rethink its policies.

Several nations have agreed that the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement “is going to be completed and it is going to set the economic architecture for the region,” according to acting deputy US Trade Representative, Wendy Cutler.

China will soon have over a dozen free trade zones, following the success and popularity of one in Shaghai.

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