The head of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) says it is not worth spending piles of money on new roads when we can change the way people use current ones, and make more money from that.

Clandestine negotiations have been going on between Telstra and News Corporation to launch a Foxtel-branded broadband service, but reports say the talks have now hit a snag.

A report says the figures behind the construction of the site for the 2022 FIFA world cup have been working their people to death, and will have to answer for a significant toll by the time the stadiums are complete.

The European Central bank’s monetary policy is “an expansive monetary policy and it will remain expansive as long as necessary,” according to its Executive Board member Joerg Asmussen.

The massive wholesale trade website Alibaba has defended its unusual command structure, which has also led to it likely being floated on the US Stock Exchange, rather than the Hong Kong equivalent.

Two senior education bureaucrats have left the South Australian department in the wake of the Debelle inquiry.

Allegations of bullying and misuse of funds have led to the sacking of the Wangaratta Council, with a bill to dismiss the entire pack passed this week.

The Coalition government has revealed some of its taste in departmental leadership, appointing two new heads from the same university and who were initially hired by the same senior public servant.

Singapore has tightened its rules on the hiring of foreign workers following protests over the large number of outsiders in the increasingly affluent city-state.

A World Bank report on gender equality in business has found a sorry state for women in many countries, with several nations upholding laws that give husbands the power to prevent their wives from working.

A senior figure in Australian resources and finance has said that the country could play a big role in the world’s nuclear future, if it does not mind holding the radioactive bag.

An audit has found Victoria’s three largest government agencies cannot be confident they are managing their spending on telecommunications.

A group of LinkedIn users are suing the service for allegedly hacking emails to find contacts to spam with unwarranted emails.

A Norwegian high-roller has lost his attempt to sue an Australian online betting agency.

Short-selling charges for a hedge fund in the US have led to the resignation of two directors from the ASX.

JPMorgan Chase will pay nearly a billion dollars in fines to US and British regulators, after admitting its involvement in the “London Whale” trading kerfuffle.

The rolling tide that is Australian surfwear company Billabong seems to have landed on new shores, settling on a finance deal and new chief executive for the label.

Disruptive business practices are reportedly shaking up the lawyer’s profession; recent figures show pay rates are dropping, staff are switching all over the place and overall revenues for some top firms have dropped.

New statistics from the ABS suggest that Australia’s ageing population will become a big factor in future approaches to work.

An award has been created to recognise Australia’s most conscientious business - in an effort to make the country a better place for everyone.

One of the founders of the R U OK? Day workplace campaign says stress has not left the workplace, rearing its head again as a major factor in staff turnover and dissatisfaction.

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