National Australia Bank chief Cameron Clyne has backed warnings from the RBA to all Australian lenders, saying they should maintain tight control over lending practices even when the interest rate is low.

Scientists in the US say that the financial wealth and educational background of a mother can affect the make-up of their child’s brain – making it more difficult to process sound.

Gold merchants have been the subject of a combined ATO and AFP shake-down, suspected of withholding millions of dollars worth of GST.

Media boss Rupert Murdoch addressed some of Australia’s most prominent figures last night, praising the nation for overcoming the “primeval prejudices” and “stuffy, narrow-minded elitism” of its colonial past.

Nationwide productivity has increased, but the public sector cannot match the private sector’s confidence, a new report says.

There will be no money awarded to the public servant who made a claim for injuries sustained during sexual intercourse on a work trip.

There has been widespread criticism of a proposal to move Centrelink’s front desk duties to Australia Post outlets, after the Treasurer confirmed it was an option.

A study has been published which tallies the positive and negative effects of working in an environmentally-conscious office, suggesting there are benefits both to people and the planet.

Most people have experienced anything from a longing gaze to a creepy stare, but now science has shown some of the specifics behind the ways we check each other out.

The chief of a bus company has been recognised for his efforts in keeping workers safe.

A new discovery has revealed the human brain has several times more processing power than ever imagined.

A survey says global exploration budgets for non-ferrous metals have taken a nosedive this year.

United Airlines has been ordered to pay more than US$1 million in fines after leaving passengers on the tarmac for over four hours.

Google has released data reportedly showing its driverless cars are safer than those with human operators.

Industry analysts say 2016 will be a defining year, wherein a majority of IT spending will be made on cloud-related purchases.

The vice-chairman of General Electric says Australia needs a price on carbon, but has not come up with the right plan yet.

The people in charge of a new plan to deliver the next generation of Australia’s internet infrastructure have got some of the advice they need at a summit in Stockholm.

The Australian arm of computer giant IBM is planning to slash hundreds of jobs from its operations here, but it is unclear how deep the cuts will be.

The man best known for forcing Steve Jobs out of Apple in the 1980s is back to make his name again, with a possible plan to buy mobile device maker BlackBerry.

In a rising trend of prominent ex- politicians taking jobs in academia, Former NSW Premier and Foreign Minister Senator Bob Carr has been appointed Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at UNSW.

Treasurer Joe Hockey was responding to fears over lost potential resource profits in his recent move to raise the debt ceiling and boost the RBA, reports say.

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