The New South Wales government has announced the appointment of Nicholas Johnson as the new head of the Pillar Administration, the State Government owned corporation responsible for providing superannuation administrative services to members of the NSW public sector.

State Minister for Finance, Greg Pearce, welcomed the appointment, saying that Mr Johnson brings extensive experience to the role.

“Mr Johnson has had senior roles with energy and network industries with an emphasis on reaching financial decisions on asset sales and purchases and has implemented successful investment banking strategies in the financial sector,” Mr Pearce said.

“His appointment is part of the Government’s strategy to help improve Pillar’s performance.”

Mr Johnson’s appointment comes at a particularly turbulent period for the company, which posted what Mr Pearce called an ‘unacceptable loss’ in the 2011/12 financial year.

“I welcome Mr Johnson’s appointment and am confident he will use his experience and wealth of knowledge to improve Pillar’s performance and results,” Mr Pearce  said.