The Queensland Government says it wants to spend less on contractors and consultants. 

The state’s latest budget includes plans to create a new taskforce aimed at saving $3 billion in Queensland's public service over four years by reducing costs associated with outsourcing.

“When we deliver the savings not one public servant will lose their jobs,” Treasurer Cameron Dick said. 

“There’s simply no need for us to cut, to sack or to sell.”

The Queensland public service is scheduled to grow by 8,000 positions next year, bringing the workforce to 267,000 people. 

The government spends about $900 billion annually, with 80% on wages and superannuation. 

Dick says that $500 million is spent annually on office leases and $3 billion on contractors and consultants.

The new budget ends a run of three consecutive surpluses. 

It includes measures such as a freeze on government fees, $1,000 off household energy bills, 20 per cent off car registration, and 50-cent public transport fares for six months. 

Total cost-of-living relief stands at $11.2 billion.

Government spending for 2024-25 will reach $91 billion, focusing on health, housing, and infrastructure. A deficit of $515 million is projected for 2025-26, with plans to return to surplus by 2026-27.

To attract healthcare workers to rural and remote areas, the government is offering incentives such as a $70,000 one-off payment for interstate and international doctors and $40,000 for trainee GPs. 

Additionally, $162.9 million will fund government employee housing in regional communities. Police recruits are eligible for a $40,000 incentive to hire 900 additional staff.

The budget allocates $1.3 billion over five years to police, corrective services, and the justice system. This includes $628 million for a new youth detention centre at Woodford Correctional Precinct and continued delivery of the $885 million Lockyer Valley Correctional Centre. 

Queensland's public sector workforce increase follows the federal public service surge to over 300,000 in the 2024 federal budget.