Mining behemoth BHP Billiton has announced a senior reshuffle of its senior management team as incoming CEO Andrew Mackenzie moves in to the company’s top job.

Under the changes, Mike Yeager will step down from the position of President, Petroleum to be replaced by Tim Cutt, who will retail responsibility over Potash.

The reshuffle will see Alberto Calderon, previously Chief Executive, Aluminium, Nickel and Corporate Development step down from the group management committee (GMC), but will remain on as advisor to Mr Mackenzie.

Marcus Randolph, previously Chief Executive Ferrous and Coal, will step down from the role upon his return from sick leave in May.

Mr Mackenzie said that the reshuffle reflects his commitment to the development of the company’s overall strategy.

“I am delighted that I have been able to draw on the deep pool of executive talent in BHP Billiton to fill these critical leadership roles. It is evidence of our considerable people pipeline and our disciplined approach to succession planning,” Mr Mackenzie said.

The new look GMC will comprise:

  • Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Mackenzie
  • President, Copper, Peter Beaven
  • President, Petroleum and Potash, Tim Cutt (from 2 July 2013)
  • President, Coal, Dean Dalla Valle
  • Chief Legal Counsel, Geoff Healy (from 3 June 2013)
  • President, HSEC, Marketing and Technology, Mike Henry
  • Chief Financial Officer, Graham Kerr
  • President, Aluminium, Manganese and Nickel, Daniel Malchuk
  • President, Governance and Group Company Secretary, Jane McAloon
  • President, Iron Ore, Jimmy Wilson
  • President, People and Public Affairs, Karen Wood