Apple has unveiled its generative artificial intelligence initiative dubbed “Apple Intelligence”. 

At its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California, the company said new AI features powered by OpenAI would integrate advanced capabilities into its devices.

Among the forthcoming AI features for iPhones are image generation, notification summaries, and automated messages. 

Apple CEO Tim Cook stressed that these features would maintain a strong emphasis on privacy.

The partnership with Microsoft-backed, ChatGPT-maker OpenAI will enable users to write iMessages and respond to other generative prompts for free in the upcoming iOS update. During the conference, Cook outlined “profound new intelligence capabilities”, but focused much of the initial presentation on routine product updates. 

Other notable changes in the iOS 18 operating system, expected later this year, include scheduled iMessages, Emoji message reactions, and satellite SMS messaging for areas without cell service.

Apple’s stock fell by approximately 1.5 per cent after the announcement, continuing a trend where stocks often dip after major announcements, as investors typically ‘buy the rumour and sell the news’. 

Apple’s shares had risen by 16 per cent from the end of April leading up to WWDC, driven by anticipation around the conference.