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First listed on: 27 July 2021
Group Leader Computational and Data Intensive Sciences


Executive Level 2 (S&T Level 7
$145,319 - $163,537 (plus Super)
Fishermans Bend – VIC


The Role
We are looking for an experienced technology manager to establish a team of cutting edge computational and data science experts to underpin the digital transformation of Defence research.

The Group Leader Computational and Data Intensive Sciences (GL CDIS) leads the application of world leading and novel computational and data intensive tools and techniques to Defence Innovation, Science and Technology to deliver capability and strategic advantage to the Australian Defence Force and National Security. CDIS accelerates and enables research particularly where sovereign digital research infrastructure (and related systems) are required.

GL CDIS provides significant leadership to computational and data science engineers and PhD qualified experts, and is accountable for leading the relationship with research programs, vendor partnerships, and provides the strategic guidance, direction and collaboration necessary to ensure digital science capability and delivery across the Defence and National Security Science and Technology ecosystem.

The role is accountable for planning and managing a significant integrated workforce (~45 APS and contractors), financial (including Defence integrated investment funding) and physical resources and drives the development of relevant STEM workforce skills, future technology processes, and succession plans.

About our Team
The CDIS group is part of Digital Science (DS) Branch. The branch enables and accelerates Defence science and technology research through leadership in and facilitated access to secure digital science capabilities, eResearch techniques and scientific computing infrastructure. This includes the development and delivery of the digital aspects within the Defence Science and Technology Strategy 2030 Pillar – Outstanding Research Infrastructure Powering Innovation. Specifically, the branch:

  • Facilitates the continual evolution of the visions, roadmaps and solutions for digital research capabilities that power Defence science and technology research and innovation;
    Connects Defence researchers to an integrated set of digital science capabilities;
  • Enables and accelerates research through computational science, data intensive science, data visualisation and research software development;
  • Acts as Defence’s steward of research data and information, supporting its discoverability, security and re-use;
  • Preserves the confidentiality, integrity and availability of digital research assets.

Computational and Data Intensive Sciences
The Computational and Data Intensive Science (CDIS) group enables and accelerates Defence S&T by onboarding and providing Defence and their Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) partners with digital science capabilities in computational science, data intensive science, scientific data visualisation and research software development. Specifically, CDIS is responsible for:

  • Facilitation of research onboarding to High Performance Computing (HPC) and the Science Research Computing Environment (SRCE);
  • Research workflow and data optimisation;
  • Code optimisation;
  • Trusted code repositories;
  • Code vetting;
  • Scientific Data Visualisation;
    Computer system benchmarking;
    Research DevSecOps environments;
  • Delivery, configuration and integration of computational tools;
  • Sustainable and secure research software development practices;
  • Virtual labs.

To learn more about DST Group please see our DST Corporate Video.

Our Ideal Candidate
We are looking for an experienced technology leader who can establish a new team of highly experienced and qualified technologists, engage collaboratively to understand the needs of our varied customers and stakeholders and lead teams to produce results according to their needs. The right person for this role will have extensive experience building and leading teams of exceptional technologists, have excellent communication skills and the ability to convincingly promote advanced technology solutions to complex needs. They will have a background in research, technology or engineering, and be able to inspire staff and customers to deliver outstanding results.

Application Closing Date: 09 August 2021

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