First listed on: 17 May 2019

Be at the cutting edge of education delivery as the Monash Tech School Director.

As the Monash Tech School Director you are tasked with ensuring that the Tech School is developed and operated to be a centre of excellence in the delivery of education and training using leading edge technology to provide real world experiences through hands-on personalised deep learning experiences which complement and build on existing STEM curriculums in the Secondary Education Sector.

The Tech School will operate out of its brand new home at Monash University in May of this year. Furnished with previously out of reach technology, the facility has been designed to inspire discovery and innovation, equipping students with the STEM knowledge and skills that will that connect them with their futures.

This role will be critical in leading the Monash Tech School during their transition to full scale operations, building a model to serve over 10,000 students from 12 partner schools in the Monash area. As Director you will lead the strategic direction of the Tech School, establishing and maintaining working relationships with partner schools, local industry, Monash University and DET to co-develop learning programs.

The Monash Tech School Director will have appropriate qualifications and/or relevant Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) experience at a senior level in an educational or industry based environment.

The Monash Tech School Director will have a proven track record of building relationships with key stakeholders in schools, community, industry and tertiary environments.

Apply by June 3.

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