Building Psychological Safety for High Performing Teams
EL1 - EL2 Masterclass Series


6 & 7 December 2022


12, 13 & 15 December 2022


Research confirms that when people feel safe within a team they will perform better; they willingly take informed risks, actively contribute and work hard knowing that they can depend on the others in the team to support them. In a workplace context this is called ‘psychological safety’ and it is the key to high-performance teams.

But it’s not a quick or simple ‘thing’ to create and it all starts with you, their leader.

This Masterclass has been designed for EL1-2 leaders in the public sector committed to building psychological safety within their teams to drive high performance. Whether you’re new to psychological safety concepts and frameworks or want to build on the foundations, this Masterclass will give you the skills to translate ideas into practice.

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Walk away with the tools to:

  • Understand how to create psychological safety and why it’s necessary for high performance
  • Ensure your team feel safe to take informed risks, voice opinions and ask judgement-free questions
  • Figure out how to build and sustain psychological safety across hybrid and remote teams
  • Understand your internal narratives and how these influence your ability to lead
  • Reflect on your leadership triggers and understand the impact they have on you and the ripple effect they have on your team
  • Enhance employee engagement, staff retention and the inclusivity of your team culture
  • Boost team performance and productivity and enhance overall service delivery
  • Build new connections and forge a support network from across the APS
  • Get ahead of the staff shortage by investing in the team that you have

This masterclass is facilitated by:

Karyn Schulz, IFC-ACC, Director, Reveur & Accredited in Amy Edmondson’s Fearless Organisation Scan Tool

Karen’s experience in cultural transformation and business performance is grounded in over 20 years of proven performance working as a senior leader, executive coach, consultant, facilitator, university lecturer and cultural and strategic transformation change agent.

Who should attend?

Emerging and existing leaders across the Public Sector in EL1 - EL2 roles such as:

  • Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Acting Director
  • Assistant Commissioner
  • Senior Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Senior Advisor
  • Team Leader
  • Specialist
  • Local Manager
  • Inspectors
  • Program Manager
  • Superintendent

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