Experts say ‘Closing the Gap’ measures have failed to address racism in Australia's healthcare system.

Google says the Federal Government is forcing Australian to accept “dramatically worse” services.

A French company has filed plans for a $3 billion wind and solar farm.

A new record has been set for variable renewable energy (VRE) across the National Electricity Market (NEM).

Prelude FLNG - the world's largest floating LNG factory - remains in shutdown, leaving some to question its future.

One of Australia biggest miners is managing its bushfire risk from space.

The Defence Department has warned that “highly active” spies threaten Australia's shipbuilding plans.

TPG has added hundreds of sites to its 5G network rollout plan.

WA has updated its domestic gas policy to protect its supply of onshore gas.

Experts estimate that Australia’s population decline due to COVID-19 could cost the economy $117 billion a year.

The Prime Minister's office appears unwilling to give councils a role in National Cabinet.

Working from home has enabled public sector employees to have more autonomy over their work, and be more productive.

Reports say the Federal Government has decided to save the Geelong office of the ATO.

Investigations have uncovered more details on an $80 million water sale to a Cayman Islands company ...

The Morrison Government is claiming to have struck a deal with drug giant AstraZeneca to manufacture a COVID-19 vaccine.

Investigations have revealed that at least 10 universities are involved in an underpayment scandal.

Universities say the number of student places needs to grow even faster than planned, and fee hikes will not help.

Numerous South Australian corruption prosecutions are “paralysed” by a District Court finding ...

The Federal Government is helping explore two new resource corridors ...

Experts gave suggested technology could help Australian reinforce its COVID-19 hotel quarantines.

Epic Games is taking legal action against Google and Apple, after both companies cut the developer from their app stores.

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