The AFP has admitted its interest in the facial recognition tool Clearview AI.

The AMA says Australia needs to get back to routine health care, or risk a greater toll than COVID-19 will bring.

New data suggests global carbon emissions from the fossil fuel industry could fall by a record 2.5 billion tonnes this year.

The Federal Government wants a mandatory code of conduct for deals between tech giants and news media companies.

The West Australian Government has announced the next step in the $218 million redevelopment of an old power plant.

The Federal Government is attempting to calm privacy fears over its new contact tracing app.

Every flush of the toilet could soon play a role in tracking and stemming the spread of COVID-19.

Royal Dutch Shell says it will become a net zero-carbon company by 2050.

A new study suggests meeting the Paris Agreement goals would benefit the world's economy in the long-term.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he will not cut pay for federal government ministers and public service chiefs.

Tax relief and government grants have been set up for struggling media outlets.

Australia's official unemployment rate is yet to show the full effect of the COVID-19 shutdown.

The Education Minister says a higher education relief package is “unashamedly” focused on domestic students.

Westpac has revealed it expects to see a $900 million penalty for breaching money laundering laws.

Former Tasmanian premier Will Hodgman has been given a new job by the federal government.

The WA Government is trying to force the reappointment of anti-corruption boss John McKechnie.

The Victorian Government wants to buy a council-owned catering firm that is linked to allegations of evidence tampering.

For people locked down around Australia, there may be some lessons to learn from submariners.

Australia has spoken at a meeting intended to stabilise energy markets.

The NSW Government wants a builder for its Sydney Metro West project.

NBN Co has begun to test the feasibility of mmWave for future fixed wireless systems.

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