Reports this week show academics in despair over international students struggling to pass courses.

Failures by the NT Government have allowed substandard iron ore mining operations to continue unchecked.

Reports say police face-matching software used during the Commonwealth Games was rushed and ineffective.

NSW politicians are pushing for compensation over a scrapped mine deal.

Authorities are responding to the growing silicosis issue in the stone industry.

The ABC officially has a new managing director.

The Queensland Government has rejected Adani’s plan to protect an endangered bird.

Two big protests over the weekend showed anti-fossil fuel sentiment remains strong.

The Department of Human Services (DHS) has wiped a $4,000 Centrelink ‘robo-debt’ just before a legal challenge.

The Bureau of Meteorology is working to revolutionise weather forecasting in WA.

A 160,000-year-old jawbone found in a Tibetan cave shows one of our ancestors travelled much further than we thought.

Australia’s media union says journalists are being hampered by defamation laws, suppression orders and national security laws.

Nine has sold more than 160 regional newspapers to a former Fairfax employee.

Analysts say lifting mandatory super to 12 per cent will strip $20 billion a year out of wages.

Facebook and Google continue to funnel most of their money out of Australia to the low-tax haven of Singapore.

The taxi industry has launched a class action alleging that Uber operated illegally in Australia.

The Greens say they would grow the federal public service by 15,000 and pay them 4 per cent more a year.

A former police officer has pleaded guilty to corruption and misconduct offences in dealings with the Ipswich City Council.

Logan City Council is being sacked after eight councillors were charged by the Crime and Corruption Commission.

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