Legal experts say there needs to be big reforms to protect privacy in the digital age.

The Federal Government could regulate the rapidly-expanding world of online gambling.

Psychologists say they are close to identifying the recipe for a viral video.

Female accountants hit the glass ceiling because of outdated work cultures and gender-based discrimination, research shows.

The UK Government is imposing a tax on sugary drinks to help tackle obesity, leaving many to wonder if the same thing would work in Australia.

The administrators of a collapsed training company have raised allegations of a massive rort.

Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk wants Queensland’s Labor Party to apologise, after the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) decided not to investigate the proposed sale of land to an LNP donor.

Infrastructure Australia has released its 15-year Australian Infrastructure Plan, and it has already been used to argue for more local government involvement.

A new report has highlighted the “bargaining fatigue” in APS negotiations.

The WA Parliament has ratified big changes to the structure of Healthway, the scandal-ridden WA Government health promotion agency.

Australian experts have watched the watchers.

A recent survey has found that negative attitudes among Australian voters towards asylum seekers are driven by religious bigotry more than by racism or economic anxieties.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) says the environment is killing millions of people every year.

Experts have gathered data on the toll that heavy drinkers take on society.

Federal MP and embattled mining boss Clive Palmer has blamed regulatory processes for a big delay in restarting his nickel refinery.

Union members in Darwin have held a protest against working conditions at the Ichthys LNG construction project.

A big global bank is working on its own version of Bitcoin.

Cola-Cola has published a list of 34 Australian institutions that were given a share of $1.7 million in research funding over the past five years.

A potentially life-saving new Australian drug is on its way to market.

A new report says red tape on water and electricity prices in South Australia must be slashed, and the state could do with fewer government Ministers as well.

The engineers of the future say new cities will be designed according to the lessons of our biological past.

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