Giant tech companies are normally known for their progressive and innovative approaches to work, but new figures show the 21st century companies uphold some fairly 19th century gender divisions. 

The Federal Government seems certain to approve the construction of a new airport in Sydney.

The Federal Government has given a glimpse of its “one-stop-shop” for environmental approvals in the Northern Territory.

Australian news reports have raised “serious allegations” that falsified export documents are putting the live export industry at risk.

The mere mention of lifting the pension age has sent many into a spin, but with strong indications coming from various authorities it is considered quite likely something will happen.

The Australian Tax Office has cut over 70 per cent of its workers from the area responsible for collecting the minerals resource rent tax (MRRT).

A group of energy retailers are close to completing their new code of practice for door-to-door electricity sales.

A new study has kicked off a fight between international medical authorities and drug companies.

The Federal Government has detailed its expectations for the National Broadband Network, and it is not asking for much.

A mining company from the smaller end of the scale says it has backing for a multi-billion-dollar port and rail project at Oakajee in WA’s Mid West.

Figures this week show commercial television network Ten continues its rough run, with a big drop in pre-tax earnings.

Slush funds, money laundering, bags of cash and corruption have been revealed as Hewlett Packard’s weapons of choice for invading new markets.

UPDATE 14/04: The NSA has denied reports that it has been using Heartbleed as a spying tool. 

A former senior public official says government workers should be “pushing back” against political decisions they know are wrong.

There has been plenty of discussion on the terms of the free trade agreement between Australia and Japan, which will see the lucrative exchange of multi-billion dollar military technologies.

Public servants have walked off the job in protest of pay conditions in WA.

The Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption kicks off today, which will reveal much about the state of Australian unionism, cronyism and lobbyism.

An experiment has been conducted to test the prestige of the world’s most famous violins.

China will close more than 2000 smaller and less productive coal mines as part of its national push to kill low quality coal.

A new report has shown a high level of discrimination across Australian workplaces, which can lead to personal, economic and even safety issues.

Over half a million dollars will be spent on a trial to introduce automated draglines; robots that could save millions for mines worldwide.

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