The person tasked with delivering an ambitious Federal Government promise says enhanced trade between Australia and its Asian neighbours can happen – hopefully within 12 months.

The maiden speech of Australia's first Indigenous woman in Federal Parliament could be the start of a new era in the political and social treatment of the country’s original inhabitants.

At an address this week, Westpac’s Australian Financial Services chief executive Brian Hartzer said he thinks businesses need to refresh their thinking on workplace restrictions – encouraging employers to break down barriers that hinder chances at success.

The Department of Communications will host a talk on the office of the future, encouraging everyone to look to ‘teleworking’ for a better way to do their jobs.

A study by one of Australia’s most prominent charities has shown there is still a strong stigma about mental health in the workplace, which keeps many from seeking the help they need.

An internationally-renowned Australian microphone manufacturer has given itself some future leg-room, moving to a new site and eyeing new manufacturing methods.

The stress level of the average Australian worker is trudging ever-higher, with three quarters of the workforce feeling the negative health effects.

A new centre for mining law research will focus on fair negotiations between land-owners and CSG companies.

One of Australia’s major energy companies has put up half a million dollars for its own supercomputer to crunch data from oil and gas explorations.

The winds of change may sweep through uranium miner Paladin Energy’s executive board, helped-along by shareholders’ concerns.

The Australian Federal Police have taken down a kingpin of the pirate DVD industry, arresting a 34-year-old man on a string of charges.

The RBA has substantially cut its growth forcast as the Australian dollar remains high and mining investment continues to drop off.

There are a lot of smiling people considerably richer than they were 24 hours ago, as Twitter’s debut on the New York Stock Exchange shattered expectation, with the stock closing up 72% at the end of trade.

The Australian Bureau of Statistic figures show the jobless rate staying steady at 5.7 in October. Although full time employment fell by 27,900 jobs, part time work was up 28,900 across the country.

A former Prime Minister of Australia has voiced support for nuclear power, shale oil, and gas from coal seams as the solutions to a problem he is not convinced is all that serious.

A Federal Court order has sought to maintain public confidence in food safety and warning labels, after finding a duck farm had been making misleading claims about the lifestyle of its birds.

A Victorian Government grant has allowed engineering students at Swinburne to look skyward for a sustainable method of air travel.

An extreme offer has been made to over 300 Qantas engineering staff in a bid to save jobs.

Experts say age discrimination is keeping thousand of fully capable Australians out of work, and costing workers through increased welfare needs.

A report by industry consultants and university researchers says nearly 40,000 jobs would be lost if car makers pulled out of Australia this decade.

The Chinese telecommunications giant accused of secretive tactics by Australian authorities has finally spoken out, albeit through a leaked internal email.

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