Despite hundreds of millions invested, Carnegie Clean Energy's much-lauded wave technology is plummeting in value.

Australia is in a per capita recession, with negative growth on that basis for the past two quarters.

The Women in STEM Ambassador is calling for greater diversity in nominations for the PM's science award.

Labor has officially questioned the ATO’s treatment of whistleblowers.

The ABC's former managing director, Michelle Guthrie, has secured an out-of-court settlement in return for ending legal action for wrongful dismissal.

Property prices could affect public sector wage negotiations in Victoria.

Lawyers want an extra $310 million a year to close “critical gaps” in the legal aid system.

Civil libertarians want to stop a bill that allows Victorian police to take DNA from suspects, including children, without a warrant.

NSW Labor has pledged to block Santos's $3 billion Narrabri gas project.

Research suggests a focus on nutrient rich food could reduce agricultural water use.

Billions of dollars are being wasted in water recovery subsidies for irrigation, a new study says.

Rural residents are discussing the future of coal and how it may affect them.

An Israeli spacecraft is carrying a copy of human history to be backed up on the Moon.

Queensland has introduced tougher safety rules for amusement rides after the deaths of four people at Dreamworld.

A flaw has been discovered in the algorithm the ABS uses to protect census data.

The Federal Government has set up a new agency to restock the Queensland cattle industry.

A free trade deal between Australia and Indonesia is being signed in Jakarta.

The Defence Force is spending over $5 million on studies of artificially intelligent weaponry.

Australian media stalwart Ita Buttrose has been appointed chair of the ABC.

Labor says it would create a national stockpile of crude oil and fuel to avoid looming shortages.

Women could earn the same as men in most management roles within the next two decades, a new report shows.

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