Internet service provider Vodafone has announced a significant restructuring of the company for an ‘intensified network focus’ on its 4G LTE operations.


CEO Bill Morrow said that the company had outlined it’s top three priorities as:

  • An intensified network focus to ensure a consistently good experience for Vodafone customers; 
  • A highly skilled and specialised management team, and;
  • An agile, optimised organisation to drive an improved customer experience


Mr Morrow lauded the work already done in rolling out the company’s improved services, saying that the company was now offering increased download speeds, lower dropped phone call rates in metro areas and improved customer care.


“Our customers are telling us they’re starting to see a difference, further demonstrated by a 50 per cent reduction in complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman and, notably, a reduction in network-related complaints. We are heading in the right direction, but more needs to be done."


The senior appointments announced by Vodafone are:


  • Brad Whitcomb, Director Strategy, Transformation and Business Development
  • Cliff Woo, Chief Technology Officer
  • Kim Clarke, Director Consumer Business Unit
  • James Marsh, Chief Financial Officer