The governments of Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory are moving towards a new clean energy target, but the Federal Government wants to take it slow.

The Labor states have agreed to ask the Australian Energy Markets Commission to help bring about a central recommendation of the Finkel review - a clean energy target.

Federal energy minister Josh Frydenberg said the target was “important”, but that the Turnbull government was not yet in a position to sign off on it.

“We don’t need to rush, we just need to get the policy right,” Frydenberg said.

But last week’s COAG meeting of Australia’s energy ministers did adopt the other recommendations of the Finkel review, including establishing a new Energy Security Board to oversee the existing regulators, as well as some new energy security obligations.

The Finkel review called for any new generators that intend to connect to the national electricity market to be made to meet technical requirements that allow fast frequency response and system strength.

Energy ministers also heard from AEMO about efforts to try to avoid blackouts next summer, which will include contracting for more supply in an effort to prevent shortfalls.

The Labor states are expected to find ways to move ahead on the clean energy target if the Commonwealth continues to delay a response.