The National Rail Safety Regulator Project Office is seeking to appoint a full-time National Rail Safety Regulator/CEO as well as part-time non-executive members who will assist the Regulator in ensuring sound governance, advise on high-profile and sensitive issues, and engage with government, industry and other stakeholders in developing the national co-regulatory rail safety framework.


The Rail Safety National Law (RSNL) was approved by the COAG Standing Committee on Transport and Infrastructure on 4 November, 2011. The Regulator will facilitate the seamless and safe operation of rail transport and promote rail safety and safety improvement across the country.


The establishment of the National Rail Safety Regulator has been overseen by the Rail Safety Regulation Reform Project Board, chaired by Reece Waldock, Director-General of the WA Department of Transport.  The Regulator is due to commence operation in January 2013.