The Business Council of Australia (BCA) says it is time to intervene and shape the future of Australian education.

The corporate lobby says the system needs an overhaul, to foster the minds that will carry a strong future economy.

BCA president Catherine Livingstone has called for “nothing short of a very major intervention in our education system”.

She says primary school maths and science needs a boost, claiming it will bring better chances of a career against high youth unemployment.

“Our comparative advantage is our people,” Ms Livingstone said this week.

“The rate of investment in our people is just so crucial if we are to have this economic growth and wealth.”

The Business Council says Year 12 maths should be a prerequisite subject for primary teacher education at university.

The lobby says computer coding should be a central part of the technology curriculum, and suggested the introduction of specialised teachers for primary school maths and English.

The Business Council wants Year 12 maths made a prerequisite subject to enrol in primary teacher education at university.

It also called for computer coding to be introduced into the curriculum and specialised maths and science teachers brought into all primary schools.