The Victorian Transport Authority has announced that Brendan Hopley, its current Chief Operating Officer, has been electred president of the Association following the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting last week.


The AGM also saw Cameron Dunn and Andrew Eastick elected as the VTA’s two new Vice-Presidents, who will serve directly under Mr Hopley.


VTA CEO, Neil Chambers said “We are extremely privileged to have Brendan Hopley as our new President.  Brendan is passionate about the transport & logistics industry, and passionate about ensuring that the VTA continues to be the pre-eminent employer / prime contractor association representing the industry in Australia.”


In accepting his election, Mr Hopley paid tribute to his predessor, Paul Freestone, describing him as a devoted President and consummate financial manager.


“A key objective for me will be to build on the very good work of Paul Freestone and Glen Cameron.  Safety is paramount, as is striving to ensure that the industry becomes drug and alcohol free – the VTA will be working very hard to ensure that random drug and alcohol testing becomes mandatory for the transport industry.”