A commissioner for Australian trade in West Africa says it is time to strengthen the already healthy economic ties with Ghana.

The fast-growing African nation is on the brink of a new phase of development and Australia is ready to assist in areas that extend beyond its traditional mining capabilities, according to Austrade representative Mr Gordon Chakaodza.

There are plenty of opportunities for Australian business to form mutual bonds with Ghana, Mr Chakaodza said: “Whether through investment or the transfer of skills and technology, Australia has the capabilities to help Ghana achieve its potential, particularly in the fields of mining, education, agriculture and water management.”

The role of commissioner to West Africa was appointed by The Australian Trade Commission just over a year ago in response to a steady expansion of economic ties between Australia and Ghana.

“Australian companies are regarded as leaders in corporate social responsibility and take these obligations seriously in this regard, ensuring communities affected by mining also have the chance to benefit,” Chakaodza said.

The comments were made in the lead-up to the Africa Down Under conference in Perth next week.