Anyone who thinks there is no passion in politics should try to discuss bike paths in the City of Vincent.

Two locals’ concerns over new bike path plans erupted into a “brawl” at a council meeting on Tuesday, which had to be broken up by police.

The business-owners from the City of Vincent were complaining that bike paths would reduce the number of car parking bays near their businesses.

But when one man’s comments were withdrawn by the speaker, a third party interjected, and it all kicked off.

The Mayor of the City of Vincent, John Carey, described the scuffle on local radio.

“I did ask them both to leave the chamber because they were interrupting proceedings and it escalated from there,” Carey said.

“I left the chamber so I didn't witness all the carries-on but ultimately rangers were involved.

“There were scuffles between rangers and the two individuals and the police were called in,” he said.

“We saw a brawl in council chambers,” a local man told reporters.

“It was a shouting down, and one gentleman actually called [the mayor] ‘worthless’, a worthless waste of space, now that is our elected mayor,” he added.

Vincent Mayor John Carey said the argument ignored the point.

‘When you bring out bike plans there is concern about the loss of car bays and their general effect on the street but what it actually shows is in fact the opposite; that if you put in cycling lanes you actually get more economic activity, cyclists drop by, they linger longer,” he said.

“Of course, it's not just about that, it is about creating safer streets, being smarter and ultimately saying that we place people, pedestrian and cyclists, before cars.”