BRW has published its 2011 Rich 200 list, with Hancock Prospecting’s Chairman Gina Rinehart, the first woman to top the list in its 28-year history, recording a personal worth of $10.3 billion.


Ms Rinehart has recorded the greatest level of personal wealth in Australia’s history after increasing her capital worth by $5.55 billion over the space of a year, becoming the first to ever top $10 billion in personal worth in the country’s history.


The top five of the list are as follows;

  1. Gina Rinehart - $10.3 billion
  2. Ivan Glasenberg - $8.8 billion
  3. Andrew Forrest - $6.1 billion
  4. Anthony Pratt - $5.18 billion
  5. Clive Palmer - $5.05 billion


Ms. Rinehart’s exponential wealth increase has been attributed to the rising prices of coal and iron ore prices, the main commodities dealt in by Hancock Prospecting.


South African born Ivan Glasenberg has come in second, with $8.8 billion being accrued from his work as chief executive of commodity trading firm Glencore.


Andrew Forrest, CEO of Fortesque Metals Group, has increased his personal wealth to $6.18 billion, up from $4.24 billion the same time last year.


Anthony Pratt has accumulated a $5.18 billion fortune due to the strong performances of cardboard manufacturer Visy, up from $4.6 billion


Clive Palmer, the Director and owner of Resourcehouse, has gathered a $5.05 billion fortune on the back of his company’s massive success. Resourcehouse is expected to float on the Hong Kong securities exchange in June.