The sacking of public servants in WA has cost the state $30 million in just six months.

Hundreds of public servants have taken severance packages since the McGowan Government took office in March, bringing with it a sweeping overhaul of WA's bureaucracy.

During that time, figures provided to State Parliament show departing public servants and senior executives have received a combined $24.3 million in “severance”, “incentive” or “compensation” payments.

When leave entitlement are added to that figure, it rises to a total of $30.2 million.

The Government says the payouts are only partly linked to the move to merge many government departments, and that many of the redundancies were due to changes made by the former Barnett government.

Payments are set to skyrocket if the McGowan government achieves its goal of cutting 3,000 public service jobs.

The Premier says that the redundancy scheme will actually save $355 million over four years, even with the cost of payouts factored in.

“If you're going to save money across the public sector and you're removing jobs that are redundant, it costs money upfront for a long-term saving,” Mr McGowan said.

“We need to get the budget back on track and one of the ways you do that is, if positions are not required, you go through this process.”