Former CEO of WorleyParsons, John Grill, has announced a $20 million personal gift to the University of Sydney.


The gift to Mr Grill’s alma mater will see the university establish an industry-orientated infrastructure management centre of excellence.


"This is a truly visionary and transformational gift," said University of Sydney Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence. "Mr Grill has had the foresight to recognise the need for a world-class centre of excellence to meet the demands of the future, and the determination to bring it to fruition."


"Across the globe there are more large projects than ever before, many of which are vitally important to society," Grill said. "Projects are becoming larger and more complex. Unfortunately the track record of delivering them against the primary objectives of schedule, cost and quality is not good.


"The availability of appropriately skilled and experienced senior managers is a critical factor to improving project outcomes and I am confident this centre will play a key role in meeting this need," he added.